Suburban District News

Exciting News in Suburban District Soccer Association
Dear Suburban District Members,

There has been a lot of discussion, research, planning and communication over the past seven months among all our member club’s leadership and technical staff looking for more efficient and effective ways to deliver soccer services in the Suburban District for the betterment of our membership.  
We are excited today to be able to announce that Central Football Club CFC and Suburban Football Club SFC will begin the process of merging into the only full-service club that includes Grassroots, Youth, Performance and Senior level soccer in the Suburban District for this coming Fall/Winter season.    Guiding principles for this club will be:      

· Attracting and retaining as many players as possible playing and enjoying soccer for as long as possible by         creating access to appropriate programs and creating the best environment for players and coaches to develop    their skills mastery, confidence, leadership, and integrity.      

· Maintaining an exceptional grassroots, community and performance focused programs for the development        and enjoyment of all players at all levels.      

· Continuing to provide a player pathway for Tier I / Performance Programs to other clubs in the region, while        also meeting the highest standards possible within the new Canadian Soccer Association Club License initiative.      
· Exploring a variety of new specifically focused Staff positions that provide opportunity to attract Canada's best.

There will be many details and information to follow as we work through this process and both clubs are excited about the opportunities that this collaboration will provide for their memberships. 

East Hants Soccer Club and Bedford Soccer Association have been very active in exploring this initiative throughout the process and continue to evaluate their options going forward.  We hope that they will also get to the point where they are ready to be part of this united club and their contribution to the process to this point is appreciated.
Please join me in congratulating CFC and SFC in making this important commitment to soccer development in our district. Please contact me if there are any questions or concerns.
Peter Crowe President, Suburban District Soccer Association